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At TransferMarket you can present your sporting abilities, you can connect with your team, your coach, your club and your fans.

TransferMarket offers you the ability to present yourself as a coach with all your experience, to connect with your team and to manage it.

Seach on TransferMarket for athletes and coaches on a fine-grained and at an international level, watch them and follow their further development.

Within the international sports network TransferMarket you can connect with your favourite athletes and clubs.

Connect with others within your club, share news and orgainse events fast and efficiently.

TransferMarket enables you present yourself with a modern profile together with all your experience and professional qualifications and to organise your matches.

TransferMarket enables you to find new athletes that are looking for consulting and support or market your contracted athletes.

As honorary or full-time functionary, you can fulfil your tasks on TransferMarket and present yourself and connect with others.

Receive latest information from athletes, clubs and fans at first-hand, share news yourself, comment and bring things into question.

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